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Syrian opposition elects new leader

Syrian opposition elects new leader
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The Syrian National Council, the main opposition outside of Syria, has elected a leading Christian as its head.

George Sabra, a veteran activist who was arrested several times under the Assad regime, will lead the SNC for a 6 month term.

The SNC has appealed for weapons to fight forces loyal to President Assad. Executive member Louay Safi said:

“The Assad regime is using jet fighters to bomb cities and towns. So unfortunately the world seems to be silent. So we don’t know whether the world will move to give us the support.”

The excutive council of the SNC voted on two candidates in front of reporters and other council members.

The SNC, which has been meeting in Doha in Qatar, will start talks on Saturday with other Syrian factions to form a government in waiting that they hope will gain international recognition.

As the bloodshed continues in Syria, at least 11,000 refugees have fled in the past 24 hours.