Hispanic voters key to Obama re-election

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Hispanic voters key to Obama re-election

Hispanic voters key to Obama re-election
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A record turnout of Hispanic voters helped US President Barack Obama back to the White House.

Exit polls showed that Hispanics made up 10 percent of the total votes cast, compared with 9 and 8 percent in the previous two elections.

As many as 70 percent of America’s fastest growing demographic picked Obama which analysts think will force the Republicans to rethink their message.

The largest Latino community – around 5.2 million people – lives in Los Angeles, most at the lower end of the income scale.

Food stall seller Carina Solares was among those who voted for the Democrat:

“Latin Americans feel more comfortable with Obama because they think that he will improve the life of immigrants.”

Obama’s re-election also benefited from a high turnout of black voters in so-called swing states.

One black voter, Maurice Martin said he was tired of the negativity of the election campaign:

“What we need to do now is heal the country because like Obama said there is no red state and blue state. We are all United States.”

Sebastian Saam, our correspondent in LA wonders whether Obama can maintain his popularity with America’s minorities:

“The re-election of the incumbent president was a relief to many, although there’s a strong feeling that Obama faces major challenges over the next four years. “