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Romney supporters reflect on election loss

Romney supporters reflect on election loss
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There were tears and a gloomy atmosphere as Republican supporters left the convention centre in Boston on Tuesday night following Romney’s concession speech.

His 18-month campaign cost an estimated 660 million euros, in what became the most expensive US election in history.

Supporters had been convinced that the White House was within Romney’s grasp.

‘’(I’m) very depressed. I’ve been a friend of Mitt Romney’s for many years. So it was a very depressing evening. I thought we would win. All indications were that it would be close but I thought we would win,’‘ said John Price, a former US ambassador.

Another Romney supporter was equally dejected: ‘‘We honestly came here thinking he, Mitt Romney, was the exact correct person to take our country in a direction that would make it a lot stronger.’‘

A third supporter was hopeful that America could now move on: “I really hope that we as a country, especially the people in Washington, they rise above all the pettiness and politics and work together to solve the real issues and challenges we face as a country.’‘

Euronews’ correspondent Paul Hackett followed Romney’s campaign until the end:

‘‘After a hard fought and frequently bitter campaign, Mitt Romney’s presidential journey has come to an end. The question now is whether the Democrats victory will be decisive enough to break the bi-partisan gridlock in Washington,” he said.

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