No White House for Romney

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No White House for Romney

No White House for Romney
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Mitt Romney gave it his best campaigning for the presidency. It just wasn’t enough. The Republican hopeful launched his bid in December last year, first to win his party’s nomination in the face of stiff competition in the primaries, from other candidates with more conservative credentials.

Analyst Tom Mann at the Brookings Institution said: “He was a moderate Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He was pragmatic, got a lot of thing done and now, in order to win the nomination, he has to be someone else.”

Romney boosted his seduction chances with ultraconservatives by teaming up with staunch anti-abortion Roman Catholic Paul Ryan, who also proposed budget rigour that would cut social safety net programmes for vulnerable Americans. The Republican hopeful chose him as running mate even though in the past Romney had defended gay rights and abortion rights.

Political reporter Kasie Hunt explained: “He announced that he changed his mind about how that would work and he’s been running as a pro-life or anti-abortion rights candidate ever since. And that of course was viewed as getting him in line with the orthodoxy of the national Republican Party.”

The former Governor who had broadened health insurance coverage in the state of Massachusetts now campaigned against Obama’s plan to institutionalise that nationally.

Romney rationalised that by saying: “If our goal is jobs, we have to stop spending over a trillion dollars more than we take in every year. To do that I am going to eliminate every non-essential, expensive programme I can find – that includes Obamacare.”

The multi-millionaire businessman’s image problem went into meltdown when a secretly filmed video made it known he didn’t think it worthwhile to propose his presidential services to 47 percent of Americans who, he said, believed themselves victims living on government help.

“…My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them.”

He was credited with winning the first televised debate in the race against Barack Obama, but in the end Romney couldn’t convince enough voters to put him in the White House.