Europeans praise Obama's victory

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Europeans praise Obama's victory

Europeans praise Obama's victory
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Europeans have given their views on Barack Obama’s defeat of Mitt Romney.

A recent YouGov poll that surveyed six difference countries found that 90 percent of Europeans favoured the incumbent.

Berlin resident Denny Lyra said: “I think it’s good, better than this rich Mitt Romney. Obama I think is closer to the people than Mitt Romney.”

In Athens, Obama’s victory was splashed across the front page of every newspaper. Residents of the Greek capital praised the result.

Yannos Mitsos, a political science professor, said it “symbolises a victory for Europe – and for the whole world.

“When 90 percent wanted Obama to win, that tells you something. It says that they want more cooperation with the United States, and they want the United States to better understand them,” he said.

Those views were echoed on the streets of Rome. Businessman Mario Alta argued that Romney represented a step backwards for America.

“Obama represents the opposite of what Romney said, Obama is about change,” he said. It is a change that will come about slowly but it will arrive eventually. Romney is a return to an America of 40-50 years ago, an America that no longer exists.”

Romney’s Cold War outlook that Russia is the United States’ number one enemy did not go down well in Moscow.

Darya, a student in the Russian capital, said that if Romney “had come to power in America, it would have impacted Russia very much.”

“He has a totally negative view about Russia. But I would like a bit more stability (with Obama), just a little bit,” she said.