Americans in Paris celebrate Obama's victory

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Americans in Paris celebrate Obama's victory

Americans in Paris celebrate Obama's victory
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At the American embassy in Paris there has been much celebrating after President Barack Obama won his second term as president of the United States.

Pierre Moscovi, France’s Minister for the Economy, was at the American Embassy and added his congratulations:

“You know, it was the Americans who have chosen their President not the French, but one can’t help being happy because, yes, it’s true, we like Obama. We share many priorities with him. The future of the eurozone matters for Barack Obama, the growth of the eurozone matters for Barack Obama. Things work very well with him. Now he has 4 more years and we have still 4 years and during these 4 years we will work together very well.”

Obama was re-elected after winning crucial swing states securing a victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The Democrat gained the 270 electoral college votes he needed to win a second term in office.

Americans at the Embassy seemed positive about their country’s future. One woman said: “I feel very happy, I feel very hopeful for the future of the United States.”

Another man added: “I think the fact that Obama was elected shows that Americans recognize that America needs to have a new role in the world, be a new country itself, but the fact that it was so close, I think shows that it is still a nation undergoing a change.”

After his victory, Obama said he wanted to meet with Mitt Romney to discuss how they could work together.

The US Ambassador to France, Charles Rivkin was also keen to emphasise that despite how the country might sometimes appear, America is united.

“I hope you saw the President’s acceptance speech… because the message is that we are one nation, we have a tradition of politics that can sometimes make us appear divided. We are one nation and we gonna work together over the next 4 years of the President’s mandate.”

While their countrymen and women celebrate across the ocean, these Americans in Paris were determined to mark a momentous day in their nation’s history.