The US elections through European eyes...on euronews

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The US elections through European eyes...on euronews

The US elections through European eyes...on euronews
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In just a few hours we will find out who is elected to be President of the United States of America for the next four years and euronews will guide you through the results throughout the night.

Our teams of journalists in 11 languages will cover the event, backed up by our technical and logistical support.

On Air

We will be back and forth to the US to speak live to our two correspondents in the US, Stefan Grobe in Chicago and Paul Hackett in Boston.

As always, euronews will be following events from a European perspective. To help decipher the information as it comes in we have 13 expert guests to enhance our coverage from our Brussels office: Ian Lesser (English language), Patrick Delfosse and Eric Remacle (France), Hans-Jürgen Moritz (Germany), Lorenzo Consoli (Italy), Paloma Lloret Miralles (Spain), Daniel do Rosário (Portugal), Arkady Sokholutsky (Russia), Dr. Adel Fakih (Arabic language), Seda Gurkan and Demir Murat Seyrek (Turkey), Feria Mohebbi (Persian language), Vasyle Belmega (Ukraine).

To help paint a picture of the atmosphere in the US, the night’s coverage will be punctuated by several no comment lives, to help you see for yourselves what’s going on without commentary.


You can also follow the night on our website, Facebook and Twitter.
Results will start to come in at 02:00 CET and we will update our results map on our special US election page as the data arrives and the victor begins to emerge.
Also on this special page, you will find explanations of all things electoral in the US, the latest US news and analysis as well as photos, videos found on the net, cartoons and our dedicated Tumblr

So join us at 02:00 CET for the results and before then for the build-up….