US election: campaign set for a fight to the finish

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US election: campaign set for a fight to the finish

US election: campaign set for a fight to the finish
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The US presidential election enters its final frenzied day of campaigning on Monday and the vote is still all to play for.

Practically every poll suggests that President Barack Obama and Republican opponent Mitt Romney are in a statistical dead heat.

Both candidates raced through four swing states on Sunday playing up their political records.

In Colorado, Obama reminded supporters about the major achievements of his first term:

“In 2008 we were in the middle of two wars and the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Today our businesses are creating nearly 5 and a half million new jobs; the American auto industry is back on top; the war in Iraq is over; the war in Afghanistan is ending; Al Qaeda is on the run; Osama Bin Laden is dead. We made progress these last four years.”

Earlier in Cincinnati, the US president was heckled by an anti-abortion protester, who was quickly set upon by police.

For Romney, Virginia is a must win state. The Republican told the crowd there on Sunday that only he can turn around America’s fortunes:

“President Obama promised change but he couldn’t deliver it. I not only promise change, I have a record of achieving it. I helped put the (Winter) Olympics back on track and with a Democrat legislature I helped turn my state from deficit to surplus, from job losses to job growth, from higher taxes to higher take home pay. That’s why I’m running for President. I know how to change the course the nation is on.”

Romney’s opponents, of the felt variety, marched on Washington on Sunday.

Earlier in the campaign the Republican had vowed to end federal funding for the public TV channel PBS, home to Sesame Street.

Some protesters dressed up as their favourite puppet characters including Big Bird.