UN warns of possible 'war crimes' by Syria rebels

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UN warns of possible 'war crimes' by Syria rebels

UN warns of possible 'war crimes' by Syria rebels
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The United Nations has warned that an unverified video which appears to show Syrian rebels killing captured regime soldiers could constitute a war crime.

The footage was uploaded to social media sites on Thursday.

The alleged executions happened after rebels overran army checkpoints near the town of
Saraqib between Aleppo and Hammah.

The UN says it is attempting to confirm that the killings have taken place.

“Unfortunately this could be just the latest in a string of documented summary executions by opposition factions as well as by government forces and groups affiliated with them such as the Shabiha,” said Rupert Colville, the UN human rights spokesman.

Activists claim the Shabiha is a brutal militia which has been fighting alongside Syrian government forces. They’re accused of carrying out several massacres during the uprising.

But they appear to be among the victims in this video, as rebels refer to them in their commentary.

The men are forced to lay down on the ground before being beaten and shot.