More claims of fraud in Ukrainian election

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More claims of fraud in Ukrainian election

More claims of fraud in Ukrainian election
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There is confusion over the counting of votes in many key regions in Ukraine, several days after the parliamentary elections there.

At one constituency in the capital Kiev, a court granted a recount after an application by the ruling Party of Regions.

Their man was trailing behind the opposition candidate, a one-time minister in the government of the jailed former premier Julia Tymoshenko.

Vadym Ivanchenko from the Party of Regions of President Yanukovich told euronews: “There’s no pressure at all. We’re having fair and transparent elections. If going to court is regarded as pressure, well, I don’t know what to say.”

But the opposition candidate, Serhiy Teryohin, claims the recount cannot be fair as the ballot boxes have been opened and moved.

He also alleges his family has been getting anonymous threats.

“My daughter got a call on her mobile. She’s nine years old,” he told euronews. “Only her mother and I and a few school friends have the number. But there was a man speaking Russian saying: ‘Tell your Dad to keep quiet.’”

Teryohin showed euronews what he said were piles of falsified papers from people claiming to be sick who wanted to vote from home.

He said some had not been sealed properly, others were stamped by hospitals that no longer exist.

Teryohin’s lawyers are preparing to ask the prosecutors office to investigate.

Observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe were at the district electoral commission but did not make any comment on the specific claims.

Earlier though the OSCE said the election had been a ‘step backward’ for Ukraine’s democracy, alleging state resources were misused to support the ruling party.

As the count nears its end, the Party of Regions is heading for a comfortable majority in the parliament.