Ukraine opposition party to take election fraud to court

Ukraine opposition party to take election fraud to court
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Kiev, Donetsk and Vinnytska are the regions worst hit by electoral fraud, according to Ukrainian opposition parties.

The Udar Party says at least 1.5 percent of all votes cast on Sunday were affected, and it will go to court to investigate the irregularities

However, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov was dismissive.

“The total number of recorded violations and their nature don’t give any reason to doubt the legitimacy of the election,” he said.

Together with Udar, the eight parties that merged to create United Opposition, want to form a new coalition government, despite the results from Sunday’s poll still not being formally announced.

Speaking at a press conference, member of the United Opposition Oleksanr Turchyno said:
“It’s impossible to say that this was a general election in Ukraine. It’s really using gangster tactics. The government tries to change the will of our citizens by disrupting the counting process.”

According to political analyst Kostyantyn Matviyenko, the poll was more or less truthful and does essentially show voters’ preferences.

“There were some incidents of fraud. We have heard this from the candidates and I have no reason not trust to these claims. But in general, even with the fraud, we’ve got the overall result that was expected,” he told euronews.

The government has ignored criticism from European monitors with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation (OSCE).