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Yanukovich's party still in front in Ukrainian vote count

Yanukovich's party still in front in Ukrainian vote count
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Ukraine’s ruling party says it has won the country’s parliamentary election.

Officials said President Viktor Yanukovich’s Party of Regions picked up more than 34 percent of the vote, with more than 60 percent of ballots counted.

Final results are expected later this evening.

Vice-Prime Minister Serhiy Tyhipko said he was “happy” with the governing party’s showing, saying “it was its best for two decades.”

The united opposition parties had some 20 percent of the vote at 15:00 Central European Time.

Already angry about the absence of former premier Yulia Tymoshenko, they allege widespread voting fraud.

Punch, the party led by former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, failed to deliver its promised political knockout, winning over twelve percent.

The 41-year-old told euronews that his members would neither work with the Party of Regions, nor the government’s communist allies.

There was a mixed reaction on the streets of Kiev.

One elderly voter said she was “happy that Yanukovich’s party looked set to win.” But a young female student said she suspected the Party of Regions would turn to fraud.

“Everyone knows that Yanukovich is president and everything goes according to what he says,” she said.

Euronews’ Angelina Kariakina said that as vote-counting continues throughout the day, Ukrainian activists are pressing ahead in reporting suspected irregularities.