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Greek journalist arrested after publication of, "Lagarde List"

Greek journalist arrested after publication of, "Lagarde List"
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Greek journalist and magazine editor, Costas Vaxevanis was arrested and then released pending a trial after appearing before a prosecutor.

He published what is known as, “The Lagarde List,” in the weekly magazine Hot Doc. It was given to Greece by French authorities two years ago with the names of 2,059 people to be probed for possible tax evasion.

A police official said Vaxevanis had published the names without special permission and had violated the law on personal data.

“I did nothing more than what a journalist is obliged to do. I revealed the truth they were hiding. If anyone is accountable then it is those ministers who hid the list, lost it and then said it didn’t exist. I did my job,” said Costas Vaxevanis.

He added the magazine had been sent the list which included names of some well-known business and political figures anonymously. Authorities did not confirm if it was authentic.

Christine Lagarde was the French finance minister when the names were handed over. The list has been the focus of heated debate as Greeks face tough austerity measures.