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Mothers of Mexican missing migrants demand action

Mothers of Mexican missing migrants demand action
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Thirty-eight mothers are on a journey through Mexico in memory of their missing loved ones and to demand greater action by the government to protect migrants.

Many of the missing had set out to travel along the train line that runs from the south of the country to the northern border with the United States.

The group of Central American women are on a six year journey retracing the steps which many migrants have taken.

Among their specific demands is the creation of official travel avenues and registration for migrants with local authorities.

“We are angry and would like to know what is happening. Everyone can pass through here, and they are also the sons of a mother. They can’t treat migrants like that,” said one mother while the co-ordinator, Martha Sanchez said: “Mexico is an embarrassment to the world. It is considered the country with the worst treatment of migrants in the world.”

The women hope to raise awareness of the plight of those who undertake the perilous journey. They are demanding the authorities investigate the disappearances faster.

The group sponsoring the march in Mexico estimates around 70,000 Central American migrants have disappeared in the last six years. Amnesty International says it reckons around six out of 10 women and young girls were subjected to sexual abuse.