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Muslim faithful gather at Arafat for Haj

Muslim faithful gather at Arafat for Haj
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Pilgrims from around the world have been arriving at Mount Arafat near the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca for the Day of Arafat, part of the annual Haj. The Prophet Mohammad is believed to have delivered his final sermon from the hilltop.

More than three million people are estimated to have made the journey this year. A pilgrim from Pakistan said, “This is the big day in my life and I feel too much holy and too much happy. We don’t have feelings to express this, how much I feel.”

Another, who journeyed from Syria, prayed for peace in his homeland. “I called on God to calm down the situations all over Arab countries, and to improve the situation of Islam and Muslims. Also that the situation calms down in Syria and the country becomes safe and secure.”

The fifth pillar of Islam, the Haj is a journey to perform religious rites as taught by the Prophet Mohammad. It is a religious duty to be carried out at least once in a lifetime by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so.