Depeche Mode return with tour, album

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Depeche Mode return with tour, album

Depeche Mode return with tour, album
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British New Wave band Depeche Mode chose Paris to announce a new album and world tour.

The press conference opened with the trio presenting one of their new songs, with accompanying video.

One hundred million worldwide album and singles sales down the 33-year-long road, lead singer Dave Gahan spoke about Depeche Mode’s career thus far, and said that despite members having issues along the way the music has always carried them through.

“I think we have play to our strengths, and I think over the years, they have been lots of ups and downs. I think the strength has always come from the music, it has always come from the performances. It comes from our fans who listen to our music, and have stayed loyal to us and have grown with us,” he said.

“I am very happy with new album, and I think there are at least three or four songs that are up there with some of the best we’ve ever done,” added songwriter Martin Gore.

Their fan-base is large and loyal and unafraid of speaking out. So what do they think?

“I love the clip they showed at the beginning because we heard a little extract which forecasts something really good,” said 38-year-old Christelle.

“I have shivers everywhere, I have been anxious since this morning, I will be feeling better when I will get out of here, but it was absolutely amazing,” said Cathy, another female fan.

The show gets on the road in Tel Aviv next May by when the band has promised a new record, the title of which has yet to be announced.

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