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BBC's top man denies cover-up of Savile report

BBC's top man denies cover-up of Savile report
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The head of the BBC has denied helping cover up an investigation into the monster in the midst of the organisation, the late Jimmy Savile.

The BBC is currently investigating nine claims of sexual harassment against other employees as the full extent of Savile’s near 50-year sexual rampage, and the culture it was allowed to flourish in, appears.

Director General George Entwistle crucially told a parliamentary committee that a pre-Christmas report that would have belatedly blown the whistle on the serial offender had been spiked on its editor’s orders, and not from on high.

“There’s no question that what Jimmy Savile did and the way the BBC behaved in the years, the culture and practices of the BBC seemed to allow Jimmy Savile to do what he did, will raise the question of trust for us, and reputation. There’s no question about that. It is a gravely serious matter and one cannot look back at it with anything but horror that his activities went on for so long as they did undetected. Of course that is a matter of grave regret to me,” Entwistle said on Tuesday.

Savile’s royal and political connections were built up on the back of his tireless charity work. That now seems little more than a paedophile’s elaborate plan to gain access to young people, and cover to avoid detection. It fooled most people, the BBC included.