Aleppo residents still live in the shadow of fear

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Aleppo residents still live in the shadow of fear

Aleppo residents still live in the shadow of fear
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Fear and death continue to stalk the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo.

An army jet swoops above, as locals try to go about their daily lives.

Rebel fighters attempt to shoot the aircraft down, but after circling several times, it unleashes a burst of machine gun fire.

Then an all-too familiar scene of the month-old conflict: children being hurried to a nearby hospital.

The UN says the Assad regime has been deliberately targeting youngsters.

One Aleppo surgeon says such shocking images have done nothing to spark the international community into action.

“We have been living like for nearly two years. Nothing is being done,” he said.

Some of the young are left to scavenge the rubble, looking for anything that can sell on in return for food.

Hussein, 15, says: “We have to survive, but I couldn’t find any work. So I look in the rubbish for nylon, brass or metal to make some money to eat.”

Ahmad, 14, explains that he has younger siblings “and they need food too.”

The boys take the scrap metal and then melt it to down for cash to buy bread.

They don’t go to school anymore as most of Aleppo’s schools are closed.

Many of the city’s residents are simply too impoverished to leave.

They still hold out hope that the shelling will stop and they can return to the lives they once knew before the conflict began.