One person dead in Greek protest violence

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One person dead in Greek protest violence

One person dead in Greek protest violence
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Greek anti-austerity protesters clashed with police in Athens on Thursday in violence that left one person dead.

A 67-year-old man died of a heart attack during the clashes.

Thursday marked the country’s 20th general strike in two year as workers marched to voice their anger at new wage and pension cuts.

Greece has been mired in recession for five years.

“There is not a worker in Greece whose life has not changed for the worst. We don’t trust the government anymore. They are squeezing us from all sides like an endless whipping,” said one Athens resident.

“I hope the politicians are watching us. We are telling them that we will not let these measures against the workers pass,” said one woman.

The general strike was called by Greece’s two main trade unions, bringing the country’s transport network to a standstill.

Metro and train lines were shuttered, while Greek airports were also paralysed by the walkout with hundreds of flights delayed or cancelled.

But the Greek government has vowed to press ahead with its austerity policies and access much-needed bailout aid.

Without a fresh injection of EU rescue cash, the country will go bankrupt.