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Minister urges French to buy home made

Minister urges French to buy home made
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With France’s economy in the doldrums, the country’s Industry Minister, Arnaud Montebourg, has turned himself into a poster-boy for French products, appearing on the cover of a Paris magazine festooned with locally made items.

Faced with an unemployment rate of 10 percent – a 13 year high – he is hoping to dissuade French people from buying cheaper products from abroad as part of an effort to turn the economy around.

In the picture the minister is sporting a Michel Herbelin watch, holding a Moulinex blender and wearing a top made by one of the last T-shirt manufacturers in France, Armor-Lux.

Armor-Lux boss, Jean-Guy le Floch, said this shows a change in attitudes: “We are not yet used to writing ‘Made In France’, because four or five years ago it was good to be global. Now, times have changed and we are seriously thinking of writing made in Brittany.”

The minister has also suggested creating special ‘Made in France’ areas within supermarkets.