Syrian military helicopter bombs border town

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Syrian military helicopter bombs border town

Syrian military helicopter bombs border town
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Tensions between Turkey and Syria rose further on Friday after a Syrian military helicopter bombed the border town of Azmarin.

Turkey sent two fighter jets to the area, which has seen violent clashes between rebels and Syrian government forces over the past week.

The fighting close to border with Syria has split over into Turkish territory at times, with the army there returning gun and mortar fire.

The two neighbours are also at odds over Ankara’s downing of a Syrian Air passenger plane on Wednesday.

Turkish officials said it was carrying illegal cargo supplied by Russia, including ammunition.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergeri Lavrov dismissed those claims, insisting that the cargo was legal.

“It was electro-technical equipment for a radar station. It is of dual use but not forbidden by any international convention,” he said on Friday.
The violence has continued to force local Syrian civilians to flee into Turkey.

Dozens more crossed the border near Azmarin on Friday.

There are almost 200,000 Syrian nationals who have taken refuge inside Turkish territory since the uprising against President Bashar Assad began 19 months ago.