Egypt: pro and anti-Mursi protesters clash in Cairo

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Egypt: pro and anti-Mursi protesters clash in Cairo

Egypt: pro and anti-Mursi protesters clash in Cairo
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There have been clashes in Cairo between supporters and opponents of Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi.

Both groups had planned separate protests in Tahrir Square.

A stage was stormed by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood angry at the rally critical of the president.

Both sides were united in anger at a court ruling that acquitted officials from the Mubarak era of ordering a camel charge against demonstrators in last year’s uprising.

Mursi has reacted by trying to remove the prosecutor-general from his post.

“There should be a cleansing of the judiciary right away after the prosecutor-general’s dismissal, in revenge for the blood of the martyrs who died for the revolution,” said one demonstrator.

“We should be somewhat patient with the president. Other than that, we just want justice for the revolutionaries. The people who died need to have their rights given to them. We have to cleanse the judiciary,” said another man.

The clashes and the number of protesters were far smaller in scale than during events in the same square that led up to the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

But 100 days into President Mursi’s term in office, feelings still run high as rival groups vie for influence in the new Egypt.