Armstrong lawyers attack 'witch hunt' over doping report

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Armstrong lawyers attack 'witch hunt' over doping report

Armstrong lawyers attack 'witch hunt' over doping report
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The International Cycling Union says it will react as soon as possible to the US Anti-Doping Agency’s (USADA) report accusing Lance Armstrong of cheating his way to the top.

The head of British cycling called the claims “jaw-dropping”.

The report says the US Postal Service team ran the most sophisticated doping programme cycling had ever seen.

Thanks to Amstrong’s fellow riders who had broken the code of silence this was now exposed, it said.

Armstrong’s lawyers have hit back, saying the report is a one-sided “hatchet job” and a “witch hunt”.

“What USADA have done has, they have characterised the evidence and testimony that they think they have, and they’ve characterised and spun it in a way that they want to do it, without any testing of it, without any due-process guarantees for confrontation of witnesses, testing witnesses’ memories and so-forth,” said Armstrong’s attorney Tim Herman.

The most surprising testimony came from George Hincapie, who rode alongside Armstrong when he won each of his Tour de France titles. He said he felt obliged to tell the truth about everything he knew.

Floyd Landis, himself stripped of a Tour de France title for doping, said Armstrong gave him testosterone and EPO, he saw Armstrong use EPO, and both received blood transfusions.

Armstrong, who has always denied doping, chose not to fight USADA’s charges.