Turkey attacks Syrian targets for sixth day

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Turkey attacks Syrian targets for sixth day

Turkey attacks Syrian targets for sixth day
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Turkey has launched a retaliatory strike on Syria for the sixth consecutive day. The government said it was responding to another mortar bomb fired from Syrian soil, which landed in southern Turkey.

One Turkish official has been quoted as saying that anti-aircraft batteries were “pounding Syrian targets”.

The exchange of fire began last week after five Turkish civilians were killed by a Syrian shell.

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül described the situation in Syria as the “worst-case scenario”.

“Syrian people are suffering a lot, from time to time it affects us too, we’ve lost our citizens” he said.

The president added that Turkey could not stand by, and that change and a transition period in Syria would “definitely arrive”.

Amid the most prolonged period of cross-border violence, Syrian rebels have stormed the town of Badama near the Turkish border, driving out government forces.

The town is strategically important as it forms a gateway to Turkey. There were scenes of celebration as the rebels seized weapons and vehicles left behind by President Assad’s soldiers.

Most residents fled the government advance over a year ago. Some are now overwhelmed at returning.

“I was waiting for this moment since a year and four months. Now I am back. Now I am again in my town after a year and four months. I’m so happy,” said head teacher Mahmoud Mosa, choking back tears.

Rebels also captured the key border post controlled by the Syrian army.

But on the Turkish side of the border tension remains high amid the continuing shelling from inside Syrian territory.