Put Iran "on notice" says Romney

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Put Iran "on notice" says Romney

Put Iran "on notice" says Romney
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Riding high after the first presidential TV debate, US Republican candidate Mitt Romney has called for a change of course in the Middle East.

Speaking in Virginia, Romney said he would put Iran “on notice” over its nuclear threat.

“For the sake of peace, we must make clear to Iran through actions, not just words, that their nuclear pursuit will not be tolerated,” said Romney.

Hitting out at President Barack Obama’s foreign policy record, the Republican said relations with Israel, Washington’s biggest ally in the Middle East, had suffered under the Democrats.

“I’ll reaffirm our historic ties with Israel and our abiding commitment to its security.”

Romney also called for the arming of Syrian rebels to fight the civil war against President Bashar al-Assad.

“And I’ll roll back President Obama’s deep and arbitrary cuts to our national defence that would devastate our military,” he added.

Obama’s still seen as a stronger candidate on international issues.

But the key test will be whether Romney’s performance in the TV debate and Monday’s speech shows up in the polls, with less than a month until the presidential election.