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Morocco judges protest for reforms and pay rise

Morocco judges protest for reforms and pay rise
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Other than bankers, judges are probably the last people you’d expect to see protesting. But in Morocco a group of magistrates organised a sit-in outside the Supreme Court in the capital Rabat.

Around 800 strong, they demanded a truly independent judiciary amid complaints that ministers regularly interfere in their work.

Judge Nazik Bekkal from the city of Sidi Kassem said:

“We have no protection, no rights, we have a miserable salary, we work in catastrophic conditions. Above all we are not autonomous and that’s really important, the autonomy, the independence of the judiciary, that’s what we really are looking for.”

The judges’ group was formed following the 2011 Arab Spring protests. They’ve collected more than 2,000 signatures from magistrates calling for reform.

Although Morocco passed a new constitution last year giving the judicial branch more powers, it has yet to be implemented.