Neeson is back with Taken 2

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Neeson is back with Taken 2

Neeson is back with Taken 2
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Liam Neeson returns as a violently over-protective family man in ‘Taken 2’.

The original ‘Taken’ became a surprise hit taking over 100m euros at the box office in 2009.

This time around it’s Neeson’s character, former CIA operative Bryan Mills, who is taken along with his ex-wife, and his teenage daughter must help her dad rescue the family.

Neeson admits he loved the physical challenges of the role.

“Well, they’re all challenging of course but these amazing French crews we have and Olivier (Megaton) our director in this the preparation is always meticulous, you know?

“We had weeks to rehearse and choreograph these fights and I worked very, very closely with my stunt double Mark (Vanselow), Alain Figlarz who plays Suko in this film was our stunt coordinator so we rehearsed and trained every night when we’d wrap so that when we come to shoot these fights nobody gets hurt because we know exactly what we’re doing,” he said.

In the first film Mills saves his daughter from being sold into sex slavery and later kills the men who kidnapped her. The father of one of her captors is now hoping to avenge his son’s death by taking out Mills and his family who are vacationing in Istanbul.

The acclaimed Irish actor recently turned 60. But Neeson says there’s no chance he’s slowing down anytime soon.

“I’m not slowing down. I think 60 is the new 40. I’m determined to believe that. Listen, it’s good to get the chance to work.

“I love making movies, I love being with movie crews and producers, total strangers still seem to want to work with me and I’m very, very chuffed. I’m thrilled at that. So I’ll keep it going for as long as I can,” he added.

‘Taken 2’ opens in the UK on Friday.

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