Innovation at the forefront at Paris Motor Show

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Innovation at the forefront at Paris Motor Show

Innovation at the forefront at Paris Motor Show
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The car industry is always open to the advancement of technology. Not only because the car remains one of the most popular and necessary products in the world, but because the general decline in car sales has pushed many manufacturers to become more innovative.

This is demonstrated by the exhibitions at this year’s Paris Motor Show, which runs until October 14th.

Laurent Meillaud, Automotive expert, said:

“Clearly today the trend is electric cars or hybrid cars. A few years ago – during the last car show -they were only concept cars, today these vehicles are on the road. But the recharging terminals for them are not common, which is a bit strange. However, these cars are in renting companies and used by people who car share. It’s not the car for everyone though.”

Hybrid and fully electric cars are gradually becoming more popular. And it’s not just small city-cars. There are some car companies who focus on sports cars driven by 100 percent electric power – a true supercar – the costs are so high that currently these types of vehicles are only made for order.

“The technology has evolved enormously in recent years. The price of petrol will triple by 2018 so its important for the advancement in this area. Today the technology is available but at a cost because you have to use batteries which come directly from special technology used for satallites,” said
Luc Marchetti, President of Exagon Motors.

“So the production costs are really important. Considering the engine a few years ago the efficientcy was about 80 per cent, today with the engine we use the efficientcy is about 98 per cent,” he added.

Another area of new advancement is the use of information technology in cars. And it’s not only the ultra-luxury gadgets such as those found in the Bentley Mulsanne.

“The connected car is really the next big step. You have a touch screen and thanks to a 3G key you have access to Internet services that give you real-time weather, traffic information and a lot of services usually found on a computer but now you can have them in your car, in a format that does not distract the driver but gives real-time information,” said Laurent Meillaud.

Among the manufacturers who have adopted this technology is Renault. The company have introduced touch screens to their Clio and Zoe models.

Patrick Vergelas, Renault’s Cross-car Line Projects Director said:

“Here you have room for 3 icons (here there are only two, there is one double) so these icons can be configured by the customer who can use what he wants in terms of functionality and go directly to them. For example, here is ‘Driving Eco 2’, an application developed by Renault to enable our clients to improve the use of their vehicle.”

Patrick Vergelas added:

“So in fact the system is a multimedia system with navigation – digital music for your players, telephone, car functions such as ‘Driving Eco 2’ that we just saw and service applications; and here you have access to the ‘R-link store’ which allows you to access applications and load them to your vehicle. You may also find applications for fuel prices, it will tell you the cheapest petrol station on your route. It can also tell you where to find services.”

The attractiveness of cars will be measured not only in terms of style and performance, but also in terms of innovation.

euronews correspondent Giovanni Magi said:

“The use of new technology encounters obstacles to overcome, such as the still excessive costs of electric cars with high performance. But the road to the car of the future has already been taken.”

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