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Ukraine authorities release new Tymoshenko video

Ukraine authorities release new Tymoshenko video
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Ukrainian authorities have reacted to a video appeal by Yulia Tymoshenko by publishing their own film of the jailed ex-prime minister.

From the hospital where she is being held she is seen strongly protesting at not being allowed to see supporters that a guard denies are outside.

The episode highlights tension ahead of parliamentary elections next month.

Earlier in a separate video recorded by her lawyers, Tymoshenko called on Ukrainians to end President Yanukovich’s rule.

“If you will not understand that criminals are ruling Ukraine, the mafia are ruling, nothing will protect you from everything is happening today with Yanukovich on top,” she said.

As guards tried but failed to end the recording, the ex-Orange Revolution leader said she was enduring “hell” while serving a seven-year sentence for abuse of office.

Her treatment for back trouble has prevented a second trial on charges of embezzlement and tax evasion from going ahead.

In the elections, Tymoshenko’s party has formed an alliance with another pro-Western opposition movement to challenge Victor Yanukovich.

His Party of the Regions and its allies are expected to retain a majority, but some opinion polls put the opposition a close second.