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Ahmadinejad attacks West in UN swan song

Ahmadinejad attacks West in UN swan song
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Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has addressed the United Nations General Assembly, claiming his country is under threat from what he called “uncivilised Zionists”.

Under increasing pressure over Iran’s nuclear programme, Ahmadinejad also said big powers were trying to force smaller ones into submission.

“The arms race and intimidation by nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction by the hegemonic powers have become prevalent,” he said.

“Testing new generations of ultra-modern weaponry and a pledge to disclose these armaments in due time is now being used as a new language of threat against nations to coerce them into accepting a new era of hegemony.”

Earlier this week, Ahmadinejad outraged many by saying Israel would eventually be “eliminated” and many delegates walked out during his speech in which he also accused the West of ignoring the people.

“The will and views of the masses have the least impact and influence on the big decisions, especially those made about the major domestic and foreign policies in the US and in Europe,” he said. “Their voices are not heard even if they constitute 99% of their societies.”

This should be Ahmadinejad’s last speech to the UN as he is on his second term in office and under Iranian law cannot stand for a third when it goes to the polls to elect a new president next year.