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Ghana to aid Ivory Coast probe into deadly cross-border raids

Ghana to aid Ivory Coast probe into deadly cross-border raids
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Ghana has promised to help investigate attacks in Ivory Coast that are being blamed on the supporters of former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbago.

Eight people, including two attackers, died in a cross-border raid last week.

Access between the two countries via land and sea is closed, causing chaos for businesses on both sides.

Restaurant owner Alice Ettien lives on the Ivory Coast side of the closed land border crossing.

“Since the attacks started, we can hardly eat. Nothing works. We’re too afraid to even go to the field. How can we manage? War is not good, we want peace… We’re afraid of sleeping here,” she said.

Keen to not be seen as a refuge for militants, Ghana’s foreign ministry will join in efforts to stop the attacks in the neighbouring Ivory Coast.

These attacks took place on an almost daily basis in August.

The raids are being described as an attempt to cause instability.

Three thousand people lost their lives in violence that broke out when Gbago refused to accept Alassane Ouattara’s victory in a presidential election in November 2010.