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France faces Muslim storm over cartoons

France faces Muslim storm over cartoons
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France has tightened security around the world wherever its nationals may face danger from Muslims outraged at blasphemous cartoons published in Paris.

In Lebanon the government has reinforced security near French schools, cultural centres, embassy offices and homes of expatriates.

Embassies and other official outposts across the muslim world have been closed; in 20 countries the French are lying low.

Ask these mothers in Tunisia what they think of the editor of the magazine that published the cartoons; free speech is all very nice, if you’re safe in Paris.

“Poor fool, I’m sorry, but you poor fool. You’re safe at home, nothing will happen to you, but we’re here in Tunisia. All the French who live in the Muslim world are today feeling threatened, targets,” said one.

French schools are closed and their residential areas are deserted, while the Tunisian government has banned Friday protests.