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Controversial study finds tumours in rats fed GM

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Controversial study finds tumours in rats fed GM
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In Brussels, on Wednesday thousands of protesters hit the streets calling for an overhaul of European food policy. The rally came as a new French study claimed rats fed GM corn produced by US firm Monsanto had suffered tumours and multiple organ damage. Opponents of genetically modified food were quick to demand an urgent review of the EU’s current policy.

‘‘Those in the food industry who said there wasn’t a risk lied, they didn’t tell people the truth. Europe’s independent food agencies now have to act. It is absolutely essential that we kickstart the debate and re-examine GM food. The new evidence shows how dangerous GM crops are for human health,’‘ said Green MEP Jose Bove.

But some experts, not involved in the research, were highly sceptical of the French study’s findings.

Mark Tester, a research professor at the University of Adelaide said: ‘‘There is no clearly defined data analysis and it would appear the authors have gone on a statistical fishing trip.’‘

When questioned about the research EU Commission spokesperson Frederic Vincent said: ‘‘If this is proved and based on sound scientific evidence then the European Commission will obviously act accordingly.’‘

US food giant Monsanto has so far not responded to the French study’s claims, though it has repeatedly said in the past that its products are safe.