Aleppo caught in a conflict with no end in sight

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Aleppo caught in a conflict with no end in sight

Aleppo caught in a conflict with no end in sight
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Fighting continues in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
After each exchange the newly injured head for the nearest hospital.
As the violence continues the city bears the scars of a carnage that shows no sign of ending.

There are glimpses of normal life, but for the most part it is a struggle amidst the ruins.
“They have hit our houses with three missiles. We left our houses and now we can’t even find any bread. What do you want me to say – we ask God for protection,” said one man.

A mother clutching her baby laments the situation in Syria:

“My child needs a blood transfusion every month. Winter is on the way, what are we going to do then? It will be a difficult time. I hope some kind of solution can be found it is a dreadful situation, what is happening here in Syria.”

Amnesty International say the Syrian army is now targeting people in their homes, on the streets and while they are sheltering from bomb attacks.

Around 23,000 have been killed in the 18-month conflict many of them civilians.

As in most wars it is the children who feel the insecurity more keenly.

Euronews’ Farouk Atig is on the ground in the besieged city.

“Children should have gone back to school after the holidays, but not in Aleppo most have stayed closed and for a reason. Most of them have been reduced to rubble, like the one behind me. Still the bombs continue to fall on Syria’s second city.”