World reactions to anti-Islam video

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World reactions to anti-Islam video

World reactions to anti-Islam video
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Violent clashes sparked by an American-made film which mocks the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, portraying him as a fool and a womaniser have continued around the world.


A Tunisian Salafist leader escaped from a mosque despite being surrounded by security forces.

Saif-Allah Benahssine, is wanted in connection with violent clashes at the US embassy on Friday.

He managed to get away after hundreds of his supporters rushed out of the al-Fatah mosque in Tunis to create a distraction.

Four people were killed and 46 injured during Friday’s protest when police opened fire to contain protesters who were smashing windows and throwing petrol bombs and stones.


In Lebanon tens of thousands of protesters marched through the streets to demonstrate against the anti-Islamic film.

The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, made a rare public appearance to call on governments from across the world to censor websites carrying the video.


Hundreds of protesters in Lahore in eastern Pakistan clashed with police as they tried to reach the US embassy for the second day running.

Police used teargas to disperse the demonstrators from the Wahdat Ul Muslimeen Party, as they burnt American flags and tried to climb the walls of the embassy.

There were also violent clashes in the cities of Karachi and Wari in which at least one person died.


German authorities issued immigration bans against two American hate preachers meaning they cannot enter Europe.

The far right “Pro Deutschland” party caused outrage when they announced they had invited hate preacher Terry Jones to Germany.

Authorities are now considering a ban on public screenings of the film.