Innocent suffer as violence and hunger stalks Aleppo

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Innocent suffer as violence and hunger stalks Aleppo

Innocent suffer as violence and hunger stalks Aleppo
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Food is becoming ever more scarce as the violence in Syria shows no sign of ending.

As body count mounts the innocent are more and more caught up in the chaos.

In the hospital of the free people in Aleppo the problems associated with malnutrition are evident, particularly for the very young.

Osman Osman is a doctor trying to care for people in difficult circumstances:

“This baby has diarrhoea and malnutrition because there is not enough milk for the babies. At the university hospital, there are about 30 beds for children in a city that has a population of six million.”

As well as the hungry, rebels wounded in fighting with the Syrian army continue to arrive at the hospital seeking treatment.

Not everyone survives, but those that do are committed to fight to the end.

“For each martyr who dies there will be 100 more to replace him determined, faithful and united,” said one fighter.

Euronews reporter Farouk Atig is in the besieged city:

“Despite their limited firepower and the intensity of the Syrian army strikes, the rebels in Aleppo continue to defend their positions. It is a merciless battle that claims civilian lives on a daily basis. Caught between bullets and bombs the people are powerless in a conflict that shows no sign of ending.”

Exclusive report filed by Farouk Atig and Francois Berthaut.