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Greece: Judges go on strike

Greece: Judges go on strike
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Magistrates and judicial employees have started a five day strike in protest against a 12 billion euro austerity package which could see substantial cuts to their wages.

They have not yet been told how severe the cuts will be but they already lost 40 percent of their salary in 2010.

At a meeting at the Athens Court of Appeal Panagiotis Liberopoulos, the representative of the union of judges and prosecutors said:

“We realise the problems that the state is facing. We have contributed, we are not against contributing, but a line has to be drawn, there has to be a limit. They can’t completely degrade us.”

Urgent court cases are still set to go ahead but everything else has been halted.

Athens will also be the scene of a 24 hour transport workers strike, as Troika inspectors from the European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund visit Athens to finalise the cuts which will slash wages, pensions and benefits.