Argentinian parents watch their kids' party antics

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Argentinian parents watch their kids' party antics

Argentinian parents watch their kids' party antics
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An Argentinian city has set up a new monitoring programme that lets parents watch what their teenage kids are up to when out on the town.

La Plata, about 50 kilometres from the capital Buenos Aires, has installed CCTV cameras in its nightclub district.

Parents can sign up to watch the images and even visit clubs and bars to check their youngsters are behaving themselves.

One father, Julio Hernandez is impressed by the concept.

“We want to ensure that the young people can go out and have fun in a safe way and ensure excesses don’t happen, businesses don’t sell alcohol illegally and that clubs don’t let in crowds over their capacity,” he said.

The local council says it’s fighting back after an increase in binge drinking and youth violence in recent years. The project is being tested for six weeks.

But young people are generally not impressed.

22-year-old Laura Beltran said: “They are being invasive and that’s a little bit shocking. It’s really not good if they continually monitor us. It’s repressive or at least that’s how it seems to me.”

Dozens of parents have joined night prevention tours of the city’s clubs and bars to check that owners are not breaking the law and that youths aren’t having too much fun.