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Anti-Islam film: Protests across the world

Anti-Islam film: Protests across the world
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Anti-American clashes sparked by a US-made film which mocks the Prophet Muhammad continue across the Muslim world.

In Indonesia hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police outside the US embassy in Jakarta.
Police deployed water canons and tear gas to try to control them. Several officers were hospitalised after being attacked with rocks and sticks of bamboo.

In Pakistan protesters in Karachi tried to make their way to the US consulate for a second day running.

Police used vehicles, containers and barbed wire to block their path, as well as tear gas to disperse the crowds, while protesters pelted officers and their vehicles with stones and set tyres on fire in the middle of the road.
In Wari north-west Pakistan hundreds of protesters set a press club and a government building on fire. Clashes with police here are reported to have left at least one person dead.

Meanwhile in the Afghan capital, hundreds of demonstrators were blocked by security personnel while en-route to the US embassy in Kabul.

Protesters set police vehicles on fire and called for action to be taken against the film-makers.

The Palestinian ministry of religious affairs held a demonstration in Ramallah.

Around 300 religious figures are said to have joined the protest where people held signs saying, “we sacrifice our mother and father for the prophet” and we sacrifice our soul for the prophet”.