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Anti-Japan demos in China gain momentum

Anti-Japan demos in China gain momentum
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There have been more ugly scenes outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing, where Chinese demonstrators have been protesting over a group of disputed islands for a second day running.

Riot police cordoned off the building as it came under a hail of missiles.

The islands are known as Senkaku in Japan, and Diaoyu in China. They sit in a part of the East China Sea that could be rich is fossil fuels and have long been a source of tension.

One protester in Beijing said: “I don’t think you can negotiate on territory. War is the only answer. We should learn from Chairman Mao’s spirit: if the enemy violates us, then we should counter them with weapons.”

The protests have spread to several Chinese cities. Some of the most heated protests were in Shenzen where police used tear-gas and water-cannon to control demonstrators.

Across the country, several Japanese restaurants and factories were targeted, and even Japanese makes of car were set upon.

The Japanese prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, called on Beijing to ensure his country’s people and property are properly protected.

Tensions cranked up last week when China sent military surveillance vessels after the Japanese government bought the uninhabited islands from their private owners.