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Liberty Medal for Muhammad Ali

Liberty Medal for Muhammad Ali
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The boxing legend Muhammad Ali has received the prestigious Liberty Medal at a ceremony in Philadelphia to recognise his work for civil rights and religious freedom.

Before his battle with Parkinsons Disease, Ali battled boxers in the ring and injustice out of it.
He refused to go to Vietnam because of his religious beliefs.

His daughter Laila Ali told the crowd: “His intention in life has always been to give back and to give to others and to make sure this world was a better place than when he first got here. That’s why my father is the most honourable man in my eyes.”

When Ali squared up to the US government in 1967 he was arrested, fined and stripped of his licence to box. He was not allowed back into the ring before the Supreme Court had cleared him of draft dodging.

Previous winners of the Liberty Medal include Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter.