Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood cancel anti-film rallies

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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood cancel anti-film rallies

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood cancel anti-film rallies
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More protests were held across the Muslim world on Friday against the film made in the United States that criticises the Prophet Muhammad.

The Muslim Brotherhood cancelled planned rallies across Egypt, opting instead for a smaller demonstration at Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Security remains tight outside the US embassy in the city. A concrete barrier has been erected around the building to ward off further attacks.

Nasser, a Cairo resident, deplored the violence that the film has sparked.

“We have other ways to protest. We shouldn’t have burnt the police cars. We shouldn’t destroy our property and waste our own money like that,” he said.

Demonstrations were also held in San’aa, the capital of Yemen.

The country’s government has long been an ally of the US in its fight against Al-Qaeda in the region.

One local man said: “We want to defend our Prophet but also denounce America for not even punishing those behind this anti-Islamic film.”

Sunni and Shia Muslims jointly staged a peaceful march in Iraq’s southern city of Basra against the movie.

But media reports said crowds at similar rallies in Baghdad and Najaf burnt the Stars and Stripes and shouted anti-American slogans.