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Tunisian Islamists seek purge of Ben Ali loyalists

Tunisian Islamists seek purge of Ben Ali loyalists
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Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Tunis on Friday to call for members of the former regime to be rooted out of key parts of Tunisian society.

Demonstrators want loyalists of deposed president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali to be barred from political opposition, the media and the judiciary.

The ‘Hurry Up’ rally was organised on social media by those to close to the ruling Islamist party, Ennahda.

Riadh Chaibai, a senior official with the group, told the crowd that the purge was necessary because “the media is not reporting the truth about the government’s achievements.”

Opposition groups accuse Ennahda of interfering with press freedom, by appointing their supporters to run state media companies.

They also fear the introduction of a stricter form of Islam in Tunisia.