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Hungary PM 'unfriends' IMF on facebook

Hungary PM 'unfriends' IMF on facebook
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The prime minister of Hungary and the International Monetary Fund are not friends any more, and that’s official.

Viktor Orban ‘defriended’ the IMF from his official facebook profile and posted a video criticising the agency’s terms for a loan it made to Hungary. He said that the IMF’s list of conditions “contains everything that is not in Hungary’s interests”.

The IMF is preparing to lend recession-hit Hungary up to 15 billion euros to help get its economy back on its own two feet. But in return it is asking for pension cuts, a reduction in the number of public sector employees and the eradication of a bank tax.

Just the day before Orban had announced that negotiations with the IMF had been going according to schedule and the two sides were headed for an agreement.

It just goes to show how quickly things turn sour when money comes between friends.