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Health matters

Health matters
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Sleeping well is important for our health, few people will argue against that. Most people go short of sleep some time, and feel the effects. A nap during the day can do some good. Swiss television had this story about promoting the siesta.

The health effects of eating meat is an age-old debate. A more recent consideration is whether it is good for the planet we live on. French television ran this story about a vegetarian future just 50 years away.

Noise pollution has become a public health concern too. One out of three people is exposed to unhealthy levels of noise during the day, and one in five has trouble sleeping because of it. Spanish television reported on the World Health Organisation sounding the alarm.

Russia has serious drug problems, with half a million addicts officially registered. Unofficially the estimate is around six million. A fifth of them are under 16. Russian television reported on a new drug being sold openly.