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Nearly a quarter of Greeks jobless in June

Nearly a quarter of Greeks jobless in June
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The latest unemployment figures for Greece show that almost one in four people was jobless in June.

The official number of people out of work rose from 23.5 percent in May to 24.4 percent in June, just a little less than Spain which is also battling high unemployment amid a recession.

The figures were released on the day when even the police, who are used to keeping order at anti-austerity protests, took to the streets themselves.

Officers are angry about proposals to reduce their salaries as part of a fresh round of cuts in the next two years meant to save 11.5 billion euros.

“I’m going to earn 650-700 euros a month. Tell me, how am I going to support my family or even myself,” said one officer.

Another added: “If they’re going to take away our livelihoods, then we will hinder their operations, so they will finally understand that we cannot take any more impoverishment.”

Greece’s coalition government is scrambling to put together a new austerity package to satisfy international inspectors from the International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank who are due to arrive in Athens on Friday.