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Democrats rally behind Barack Obama

Democrats rally behind Barack Obama
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As President Barack Obama prepared to accept the Democratic Party nomination to run for a second term, it appeared as if the party faithful has been energised beyond earlier expectations.
On the floor of the Charlotte Convention Centre, supporters of the Commander-in-Chief said he deserves another four years to build upon his first term achievements.
They said they were feeling the Obama magic again, just as they did in 2008.
“Barack Obama is an inspirational leader. I’m a lawyer, he is extremely intelligent as a lawyer and, of course, his wife as well,” said one female delegate.
Another Democratic Party member brushed off Republican suggestions that Obama has been a bad president.
“There are some great things that this man has done. You know, and they are questioning it,” he said.
But if convincing your most ardent backers is one thing, convincing the whole country to re-elect you is another.
Stefan Grobe, euronews’ Washington correspondent, said: “Barack Obama now has a challenging task before him. In the next eight weeks, he must convince the nation that he deserves another mandate to complete his project of change. Democrats here in Charlotte believe that the country is ready for four more years.”