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Russian censors take aim at kids TV

Russian censors take aim at kids TV
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Television executives in Russia have a new censorship headache.

But this time it is not critical news coverage that is in the government’s sights.

Children’s cartoons now have to comply with a law to “protecting youngsters from information causing harm to their health and development”.

The Duma passed the new legislation on Saturday.

It means smoking, drinking and violence will now have to be cut from shows broadcast before 11pm.

Lev Makarov, the director of the 2X2 Channel, was critical, saying television should not be tasked with bringing up children.

“That can be done only by the family, not school or kindergarten,. Only in the family where the main fundamental principles can be instilled on what is right and wrong,” he said, adding that his channel was obliged to abide by the law.

The youth-orientated channel will move the showing of US series South Park to after the late night watershed.

But the Russian version of The Simpsons faces heavy edits.

The violent escapades of spoof cartoon Itchy and Scratchy will end up on the cutting room floor.