Democrats get set for the Obama roadshow

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Democrats get set for the Obama roadshow

Democrats get set for the Obama roadshow
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Razzmatazz and singing in the sunshine – an up beat city of Charlotte prepared to host the Democratic National Convention.

With Barack Obama tied in opinion polls with his rival Mitt Romney, the president is going to have to dig deep to convince voters his luke-warm economic record is worthy of four more years.

Obama supporters know exactly what they are looking for:

“ Definitely jobs at this point. Because so many people are out of work and it affects the whole family – the children, no food on the table- so jobs, I’d like to see more jobs,” said one supporter.

“ I think he just has to show that he has what it takes to get everything online for the next four years and that change can still happen,” added another.

And kicking off the convention will be one of Obama’s greatest assets… his wife Michelle. These days she is more popular than her husband and it will be her job to win over women voters by showing his softer side.

On the eve of the convention Obama visited the hurricane-stricken state of Louisiana.
Thousands are still without power and many have lost their homes.

For all those still clearing up Obama’s aides say he will use his acceptance speech on Thursday to offer them and the country an economic path forward.