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Cracks in EU parliament open up single seat debate

Cracks in EU parliament open up single seat debate
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In Brussels, part of the EU Parliament has been shut because cracks have quite literally appeared in the ceiling. The structural damage, spotted in the main debating chamber on Monday, has led to calls from some MEPs for the parliament to be permanently moved to its other, less frequently used seat, in Strasbourg.

French centre-right MEP Michèle Striffler said: ‘‘Essentially the problem is that from a historical point of view and the EU treaties, the parliament is based in Strasbourg. That’s why I’ve called for sessions to be held in Strasbourg, as the texts demand.’‘

Critics of the parliament’s duel location, however, say Strasbourg isn’t the answer.

British Liberal MEP Edward McMillan-Scott said:“To repair two roofs is more expensive than to repair one. And those of us who think we should be permanently be based in Brussels remember, in 2008, the ceiling of the parliament building in Strasbourg collapsing. The damage, there, was very expensive to repair, it’s not a good building in Strasbourg.’‘

euronews’ Natalia Richardson says: ‘‘It’s hard to imagine that in any country in the world taxpayers would be happy about a parliament having seats in two cities.’‘